Churn and CLV Predictions

Maximise your customer success with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Key Insights at a glance

Easily monitor your Customers’ Happiness and quickly assess Value at Risk.

Take control with Segmentation

Target Specific users and learn about their behavior down to the very minute details to take Appropriate actions


Analyse your Retention efforts

Keep track of all the actions taken by your team on different user segments and benchmark their performance

Data Security

We understand the sensitivity of your business data. Data security is our highest priority.

Multilayered security architecture

At Marax, we take data security very seriously. We use best peer-reviewed industry standard security practices and take multiple steps to ensure that you are in control of your data all the time.


Retain your customers and maximize their Lifetime Value

Marax Lift

Marax Lift quantifies the customer value retained. Higher the Marax Lift, higher the growth of your business.

Start retaining customers before it's too late